Infrastructure Development and Construction

MTCC is a leader in infrastructure development and construction in the Maldives and have pioneered know-how and technology in various areas that has revolutionized the sector in the country. The Company is renowned for its expertise in marine infrastructure development, including land reclamation, harbor construction and dredging, shore protection, beach replenishment and sheet piling. As the leading contractors in the country, MTCC has successfully completed several major infrastructure development projects for the Government of Maldives.

The company has developed its own mobilization techniques, dredging methods, operational procedures in reclamation and sheet pilling techniques to suit the unique environmental and logistical challenges faced in carrying out infrastructure projects in the Maldives. The Company is constantly building up its expertise with each and every project that is completed.

Today the Company has the largest fleet of equipment in the country and has the capacity to execute several projects simultaneously in multiple locations across the length and breadth of the country. Core areas of the Company in construction and project management include harbor development, dredging and reclamation, shore/coastal protection, sheet piling, sewerage works, surveying, and building construction.